Monday, March 9, 2009

Updated Retired List

107565 Flip Flops Standard wheel GONE
107212 Mateys Map Jumbo Wheel GONE
103195 Gifts Galore Standard wheel GONE
107561 Garden Annuals Standard Wheel GONE
104279 Leaf Prints Standard Wheel GONE
106662 Daisy Field Standard Wheel GONE
106610 Basics Outline Jumbo Wheel LOW QUANTITY
104065 Fishy Standard Wheel LOW QUANTITY
107464 Rough Texture Jumbo Wheel LOW QUANTITY
107465 Speckled Jumbo Wheel LOW QUANTITY
107467 Birthday Jumbo Wheel LOW QUANTITY

104156 Flitting By Jumbo Wheel LOW QUANTITY

Stamp Sets
108748 Best Friend Numbers GONE
110255 Bundle of Joy GONE
112402 Short Order Numbers GONE
108720 Ahoy, Matey GONE
108747 Best Friends Alphabet Upper GONE
108740 Bareback GONE
108746 Best Friends Alphabet Lower GONE
108763 By Land LOW QUANTITY
112253 Dad’s Day LOW QUANTITY
108849 It’s Your Birthday LOW QUANTITY
112391 Everything Baby LOW QUANTITY
112310 Fabulous Flowers LOW QUANTITY
108923 Stipple Rose LOW QUANTITY
112272 Classic Backgrounds LOW QUANTITY
108929 Symbols of Solicitude LOW QUANTITY
112319 Forever in my Heart LOW QUANTITY
112229 ABC Images LOW QUANTITY
108857 Linen LOW QUANTITY
108998 Beautiful Life LOW QUANTITY
110248 Polka Dots & Petals LOW QUANTITY
108765 Cheery Chat LOW QUANTITY

108722 All I Have Seen LOW QUANTITY
108944 Unfrogettable LOW QUANTITY

109020 Wild Wasabi Classic Stampin' Ink Refill GONE
109015 Soft Sky Classic Stampin' Ink Refill GONE
109016 River Rock Classic Stampin' Ink Refill GONE
109017 Purely Pomegranate Classic Stampin' Ink Refill GONE
109018 Blue Bayou Classic Stampin' Ink Refill GONE
109019 Groovy Guava Classic Stampin' Ink Refill GONE
100381 Earth Elements Eyelets GONE
100378 Soft Subtle Eyelets GONE
105320 Basic Eyelets GONE
109610 Confetti Simply Scrappin' GONE
111852 River Rock Cardstock A4 GONE
111851 Soft Sky Cardstock GONE
101259 Black Hemp Twine GONE
109085 Jersey Ribbon Originals GONE
108638 In Color 12” x 12” Cardstock GONE
111850 Wild Wasabi A4 Cardstock GONE
105316 Rich Regals Eyelets LOW QUANTITY
109186 Theater Ribbon Originals LOW QUANTITY
105445 Soft Subtle Buttons LOW QUANTITY
103981 Earth Elements & Neutrals Buttons LOW QUANTITY
100900 Gift Sacks LOW QUANTITY
105531 Antique Brass Hodgepodge Hardware LOW QUANTITY
105446 Rich Regals buttons LOW QUANTITY
106523 Five-In-One Card Cover Envelope Template Low Quantity
110730 Pockets & Pieces Office Accents Low Quantity
111853 Purely Pomegranate A4 Card Stock Low Quantity
105515 Pewter Hodgepodge Hardware Low Quantity
104829 Light Blue Gingham Ribbon Low Quantity

If there's anything on this list in low quantity that you want to order, email me TODAY! Before it disappears forever!

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Leah said...

Hi Sam, I have passed 2 awards on to you. Chack out my blog.