Friday, October 10, 2008

Back from Holidays

Hi Everyone!

I just got back this week from a 2 week holiday! It was great! We went on a driving holiday down the east coast, along the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide, back to Geelong, onto Canberra and then home to Sydney! Victoria is so gorgeous! And it was soooooooo good to get away!!! Here are some pics!

Sunset at Lakes Entrance

Wild Koala at lunch spot -- very cool!

Makayla and Mummy on a jetty off the Great Ocean Road (it was a bit windy)

Beauchamp Falls (we camped just near these gorgeous falls)

The Otway Fly

Daddy and Makayla

The (not quite) 12 Apostles

The London Bridge

A giant lobster

Potty time! (Does anyone happen to know if it is illegal to leave wee and poo in roadside bushes? My husband is convinced this is the case. My comment was that the animals better watch out or they'll cop a fine!)

In Adelaide, we stayed with some friends. This is Jesse and Makayla -- too cute!

I'll be back some time soon with some more stamping creations! Still catching up on washing and housework etc at the moment.


Kirrily said...

Wow Sam looks like you had an awesome time look forward to hearing all about it!

Ruthie said...

Sam the photos are beautiful and it looks like you had a lovely relaxing time. Can't wait to hear all the experiences.