Monday, July 7, 2008

Starter Kit Savings

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From July 1st to August 15th you can receive super savings on the starter kit!
$25 off the already low price of $324 so you pay just $299 and get over $560 worth of supplies. See more details here .
Whether you'd like to do what I do or just get a really good deal on great products now is an excellent time. Stampin' Up!® need all kinds of demonstrators;

  • Discount Purchaser: Likes the idea of buying stamps for personal use at a 20% discount, and occasionally sells to friends and family.
  • Short-term Demonstrator: Sells for a short period of time to earn a specified amount of money and stops when the goal is reached.
  • Seasonal Demonstrator: Works hard at the business during September, October & November for seasonal money, and maintains minimum orders and sales during the balance of the year.
  • Hobby Demonstrator: Loves doing demonstrations and earning extra money when it’s convenient; Works a lot some months and very little other months; Likes to do workshops that are easy to book; and doesn’t like to work too hard to book workshops.
  • Career Demonstrator: Views Stampin’ Up! as a viable income with long-term career potential; Pursues management and wants to move up the career ladder; Loves attending Stampin’ Up! events, and has developed close social relationships with other demonstrators; Works at her business in a consistent and outgoing manner.
I joined the Stampin' Up!® family in October 2007 just to get the great discount in the starter kit and not intending to do workshops, but I've loved it so much that I am doing workshops and even went to convention in Brisbane in April. I've had a ball! So if you've fallen in love with stamping and would like to take the opportunity to save even more money on these products, contact me.

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