Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Edible Creation

Mr Caterpillar

So, it's not a stamping creation, but it is a Sam Creation! This is the birthday cake I made for my daughter's 3rd birthday to have at day care on the actual day. I'm so proud of it! It turned out so well! I followed the instructions from the Woman's Weekly Kids Party Cakes book (which fortunately a friend owns). It was lots of fun to make and even quite nice to eat!

This is Makayla at day care getting ready to blow out her candles. You may notice the jelly bean feet have wandered a bit! The cake was so long that I actually had to put it on a shelf covered with foil. It was quite difficult to carry around too, but definately worth it, Makayla was impressed too!

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Kirrily said...

woah there's a couple of bottles of food colouring there - looks awesome!